Summer Popsicles

Hi guys!

Hope you are doing well. So it has been like a week since I blogged last. We also have had the most boring and gloomy weather lately so I figured I would start this week with a cute little summer post.

Today I am going to share with you a yummy easy popsicle treat!

What you need:
Popsicle molds – can get those everywhere, I got mine at StopnShop for like $2.
Freezer (Duh)
Patients (this part is the worst)

So, get your molds out (yeah mine has water on them, I had just rinsed them since I bought them).
Than get your juices:
These are the ones I picked and let me tell you! These Simple juices are so so yummy by themselves, and as frozen oh EM GEE!
So you can pour the juices as is in the molds, I did 2 of each flavor. With the Del’s Lemonade though mix it in a jug or glass or something first and than pour it in. So the juices I just poured as is (as I literally just said duh), but with the Del’s lemonade I added like 2 mint leaves for each of them. Now, I tried to push the leaves down so they would like be random places in the popsicle but I failed so they need up at the top because they are light (yeah, super blonde moment for me, hey I figured it out though lol).

IMG_3025So yeah, after that just set them in your freezer, I made mine in the morning and had one at night so even if you make it over night or in the morning you should be good. (also, can we talk about how cute my pink mold thing is  🙂 )

IMG_3028Yay, and they were done! (Also, it was the hardest to hold two of these and take a pic at the same time).

They were so yummy and now I am obsessed!

Do you make Popsicles? If so, share with me your fave flavor to make!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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