Earn money with Ibotta!

PS coupon code at the end of post! 

Hello Everyone,
Happy Memorial Day – hope you had a great weekend.

Today I am going to share with you an app that I am obsessed about – that will make you gain money and that is NOT a scam!
The app is Ibotta. It is an app that you can use to cash your receipt for money/cash back. And yes I know what you are thinking, “she fell for that scam”. But you are wrong! I have had this app for ehh maybe half a year -almost a year now and I literally have cashed in money to my account twice!
So the app works like this. You are going to grocery store, and you have a list. You can go through your list and search for any coupons/rebates for these items. Sometimes they are the specific brand so lets say you wanted pasta sauce and today there is a cash back deal if you buy a certain brand pasta sauce, you would get $0.25 or even a dollar back! So you can add that to your rebates and when you are done grocery shopping you can take a picture of your receipt as well as the bar code of the product you bought. Within 24 hours you will than get your cash back!

FullSizeRender 2

Now you may say “oh but it is only a few cents here and there” and yes that is true. But trust me, it adds up! And if you are like me, just out of college a year ago trying to save and buy cheap than this is an awesome app.

Here is just my evidence of my earnings.
The other thing is though, you can only cash back or get gift cards after you have earned 20 dollars. So as you see I am at 17 dollars right now so I have to wait 3 more dollars. And look I have earned 40 dollars back overall.

So how about giving it a try? I promise it is not a scam. (: It literally makes grocery shopping fun and I mean who wouldn’t wanna get money back. And seeing how we all need food, and probably go grocery shopping often, it does add up and you see it happening as well!
Oh, did I mention they now have rebates for online stores and retail stores as well as bars and restaurants?! Um yes, you can get cash back from drinking wine at a bar!!

Oh and use my code to get started and get free money for signing up through me! Use this coupon code : rakgjnr 
The app is for apple and android phones!
Whats the catch? There is non! It is Free to sign up!

Hope you enjoy!



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