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My first Airbnb experience

Hi guys and happy Wednesday!

Today I am going to talk about Airbnb, well my first experience with it anyway. So for all those people out there who are planning a vacay in the next few months – check this out.

When we went to LA (read about the trip here) we wanted to spend less on our place and more on other things because we would only really sleep and eat where we stayed. So we decided to look into Airbnb. We were a little skeptical at first because we were unsure about sharing a place, but also living in someones house. However, we realized how neat and professional the site was and we found great deals for rooms for under 100 bucks (yay more money to explore). So after seeing the prices we were totally for it. The app/website is so legit that it has you verify yourself etc before you can even book anything. It is all about safety and secure bookings and it even allows you to write a little about yourself to the host before you book.

The website is super easy to get around and finding what you need and navigation is easy. This makes it much more fun to find places, and the quantity of places on Airbnb is endless. When you click on a place/room you are interested in, there is a whole list of info and it is very easy to follow.
Airbnb makes it easy for people to book places and it is not dreadful to book at all because it is so simple.

I will definitely use Airbnb again in the future.

If you are looking at an awesome Airbnb in Venice area, LA. Check this place out. This is where we stayed and we had such a nice time. It is central and walking distance form beach and SO SO SOOO affordable 🙂  Click HERE to check it out!

Also,  if you are looking to use Airbnb in the near future, use this link to get $40 off your first trip on Airbnb!

Please let me know if you have any more questions! Hope you enjoy this post.
Sorry there was a lack of pictures. 😦




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