Weekend explorations

Happy Monday everyone,

This weekend we had a super nice sunny weekend. I had to put in my AC thats how hot it was. Yay for warmer weather, that just means more exploring.
This week/weekend I had a few adventures while I could so I figured I would just share pictures and tell you where you could/should go if you are in the area. Some will be more obvious while others will be more hidden.

So my first little adventure, I actually had a chore to do in Boston, so I decided to walk by the Charles River. It is absolutely gorgeous. Just follow the signs to the esplanade and it is miles and miles of gorgeous nature whilst along the river. I will have to say the perfect time is a sunny day in the morning. I have been a few times and I recommend in the morning if you are a morning person anyway.. It is more relaxing at that time and so refreshing too! Here is just a few pics from my recent trip there.

I definitely recommend this walk if you are just visiting for a few days! It is absolutely gorgeous. It is kinda cool because you see the city and the nature and it is a great contrast!

My next trip this week is more of a hidden gem. I was eager to get out one day because it was gorgeous and I have been seeing this one sign along the road from Quincy to Weymouth. I always see just a few cars and always think I should go but the exit/turn comes so quickly that if I haven’t planed well enough I miss it. Finally this week I actually planned it. It is right by Michaels and Staples in Weymouth (actually across the street). The park is called Abigail Adams Park. Cute little park with lots of open greens and benches to watch the water. Bushes covering to the beach but there are a few man made paths to take down to the beach and thats where it becomes amazing. It excludes everything and you do not hear the road or see the parking lot and its like you are secluded on a beach somewhere. I totally recommend going here if you live around the area! So peaceful and hardly any people 🙂
Here is a picture of the area.

So there are a few paths you can go down to the water. I probably wouldn’t swim in this area because of boats etc but I mean I sat down by the rocks for few hours and it was so peaceful.

I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know if you have been to either, or if you have any suggestion for posts!



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