LA Adventures

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day 🙂
Today I am going to share with you (finally) some of my fave places we visited on our LA trip. Going to be mostly pictures, also let me know in the comments if you guys have any suggestions or opinions on what you want me to write about!

We went to LA for a week, we stayed at venice beach in a air B&B it was so nice! We were about 10 min walk to the boardwalk and pretty central. We had a car for a few days too which allowed us to drive to San Diego and also Malibu and Disney etc.

FullSizeRender (2)We were like walking distance to the Venice Canals. We actually only accidentally found it but it is gorgeous and the houses there – oh my!

IMG_0437We also managed to catch a gorgeous sunset one of the nights. We had drinks at High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin. Check it out here.  It was beautiful and we had awhole lounge to ourselves for the whole sunset! Yay! The drinks are really good too 😉

This was actually a must. We had to go to the Salt & Straw while in LA and luckily we had one like 5 min away in Abbott Kinney. If you have not had it yet  oh my gosh please go and try it. There will be a line but we honestly didn’t even wait that long and the staff is very customer friendly and efficient. Check them out here if you haven’t yet. They have the most fun flavors and it all looks amazing and I wish we had some here in Boston!

FullSizeRenderOn our way back from San Diego I requested we stop at La Jolla because I had heard so much good about it and seen gorgeous pictures. So boom here we are. Also there are tons of seals on that big rock in the ocean. I mean this honestly looks like a postcard. Stunning and I want to go back asap.

IMG_0395We also obviously had to go see the Hollywood Sign and all that fun stuff. Although nice to see, I was not a fan of Hollywood.. So we decided to ditch that and go to Beverly Hills, ah so pretty and so fancy. I loved the area and the gorgeous houses and all. Eh, if only we could live there haha

FullSizeRender (1)
We also managed to get to Malibu because it was a must. We went for a little beach exploring in the morning. We went to Point Dume. It was so pretty. First you think there is just another beach, but if you take the trail, which is where I got this picture, you see on the other side of the rocks is a little cove and thats whats on this picture. Oh my it was beautiful. We had to climb all over rocks to get there so it is very hidden. It was worth it because we ended up eating our lunch with a seal like meters away from us and we saw a whale and also 4 dolphins swim by at one point. It was magical. Stunning again.

After our little beach morning we went wine tasting because um.. it’s Malibu and we had to. So we went to this place called Malibu Wines. You can check them out here. It was absolutely beautiful there, and they have a huge area, we only saw the main area for the tasting but had we had more time we could have done a wine safari etc. They had amazing wine too and I absolutely recommend going! I hope I can go back.

So that is just a little recap of my fave parts of our vacation and writing this I am just so in need of going back – it is also gross and raining here today so makes it easier to think about nice warm LA.

Hope you all enjoyed.
Leave a comment below if you did! (:



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