Tanning Lotion


Happy Humpday!

It is spring, and we are all getting ready for that summer bod right? As you are reading this I am probably on the beach myself. Sorry not sorry.
So I figured I would share with you a tanning lotion I tried before my vacay and I actually loved it!
So I have never actually bought into buying tanning lotions, I just have never felt the need to. Also I never really trusted them with either that they would get me tan but also the fact that you can go so wrong with them too – overly orange or tan.
However this year I bought one, our vacation is still pretty early in the season so I figured gee, I’m so pale (no shock there but still) maybe I will try a lotion just for the sh.ts. It said that after like a few days to a week you will see results. I tried it the first night, and can I tell you? The next day we could already see the results lol I was standing next to my boyfriend in the bathroom and I’m like, “Im tanner than you” (which is very rare actually never) so that was very exciting.

So the lotion I am talking about is Jergens Natural Glow. It comes in a tube but you can also buy the face lotion separate (can I tell you though, I used the lotion for face too). So I mean to save money, I guess you do not really need the face one. Anyway, it is a very nice moisturizing lotion, it very thick so you don’t actually have to put tons on. Oh but it smells so good. Although the only thing I will say (now i don’t know if this is usual for any tanning lotion but i wouldn’t know because this is my first time). But after you put it on it has like a lingering smell, it is not like nasty or anything but it is different smell to when you first put it on. Eh, I don’t know.
Anyway, yeah it absolutely worked fantastically for me, like I was so excited when after the first night I could already see the difference.
So I would really recommend this one, and you can grab one HERE 🙂

Let me know if you have tried any other good ones. Comment below!



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