Spring Clothing Haul!

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend.
This weekend I went shopping, my motivation was our spontaneous trip we just booked – we are off to Los Angeles on Saturday! Yay, I am so excited, and I also have never been so I am really looking forward to it. So, if you have ever been or live there, please comment below with some restaurants or bars or things to do there ūüôā¬†So this meant I needed some new clothes (duh).
Just to let you know, I had a really hard time deciding if I should do a look book or just take pics for you. So well.. I just ended up taking pics. Next time I’ll show you more like looks and stuff. Also, I apologize some of these clothes are so wrinkly..Ew.

Also, I only ended up finding stuff at Primark and American Eagle.


So if you know me, I have only recently started wearing more dresses, rompers etc. So I found this cute playsuit. Sorry the picture doesnt show too well. I thought it was a maxi dress first. I love it and cannot wait to show you guys after my vacation.
This was $14.00. 

Next up is this cute pale pink button down shirt. I actually bought for purpose of work when summer comes around. Also there is pizza and hearts so I had to have it!
This was $10.

Next up I bought these patterned shorts. I already have a pair, but with black flowers and reddish orange. They are so light and nice to wear when it is humid! It’s like not wearing anything! The tassels are so cute!
These were $8.00

Lastly from Primark

I am sorry these look so wrinkled.. These are viscose material and so they are super light and airy. Again, more for work in the summer. Ugh they look horrible in this picture lol. I’ll show you guys in another post! But if you need them (you do), they were¬†$9.00



On to American Eagle:

Okay, def my fave buy of the weekend. Funny story. I went in line to buy these shorts, as I was walking out of the store I saw this shit and so I went back in line..I just had to have it. Oh my gosh I literally love this shirt so much. You can also NEVER go wrong with camp green Рone of my faves lately. So this outfit (Because look it can be an outfit) is going to be worn in LA for sure. Although a little pricier, the shorts $39.95 and the shirt $14.99 

Again, I am so sorry these pics sucks, and I didn’t do a look book our outfit pics. I promise next time okay? Don’t hate me (:
Let me know what you have recently bought!

Oh, and don’t forget to comment places, food, drinks to go in LA! Much love!



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