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Get to Know Me!

IMG_9702Hi guys!

Just another Wednesday here. Hope everyone is doing well.
Today I figured I would just talk about myself (which I honestly hate), just so you can get to know me. Also for those who just joined too, just to get a feel of who you are journey-ing with.. oh and – hi 🙂

I also want to start to vlog/ answer more questions on my instagram so if you want me to do so, dm me questions and join me over HERE.

So let me begin.
My name is Stine (STEEN – EH).. I am born and (Mostly) raised in Norway. I lived there until I was 14 or 15, when my family and I moved to Switzerland. We lived there for about 5 almost 6 years. There I went to International Schools (woop). Living in Switzerland allowed me to travel a LOT so I can say I have seen a few amazing places.
After almost 6 years my family were going to move to the US – so I started applying for universities and colleges in the States as well (Who wants to go back to their home country when you can live somewhere else? not me). They moved to Rhode Island (lol how they were located to the tiniest state in the country of all things BIG, i don’t know). I got into college in New Hampshire so was pretty close to the fam while being far enough to explore independently.
Forward to four years later actually almost five, I am out of college, and I moved to Massachusetts. My family ended up back to Switzerland once again (don’t blame em). Been almost a year now living by myself and with the closest family over seas – it has not been easy but definitely an adventure. Waiting for a new work visa so that is always fun..

Some of my hobbies are (OBVI) my Etsy shop, which, yup I am about to self promo: Please go take a look 🙂 All things jewelry and accessories and also these cool wine charms from last post.
Besides my etsy shop, i love my Bettas. Bettas are my fave fish – I am obsessed. Speaking of animals, I also have a bunny shared with my main man. If you have seen my etsy shop or instagram, you will know her as NillBean. Her full name is Vanilla Bean and we got her at a local shelter (Adopt don’t shop!). Yes, she is the name of my etsy shop. She is a brat but we love her.
I also do some freelance modeling and I love baking ( as you might have noticed from past posts). I love succulents, skulls and Red Hot Chili Peppers!

I am not sure what else you guys want to know. As I said, I hate talking about myself.
Oh, fun fact: I understand/speak 6 languages.
As I said earlier, if you guys have any more questions or want to know anything else – hit me up. Dm me on instagram if you want me to do more of those live stream type videos. Or if you want to read about something, just comment below 🙂

I hope this wasn’t too boring.

You can find me here:
Instagram: @nillbeanaccessories and @Shellum



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