Bottle Caps or Wine Charms?


Happy Monday guys!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my products at my etsy shop. It is probably my most unique products so I figured it needed a spot on my blog!

As you may know, I have an etsy shop: Nillbean Accessories. And yes, it has all things accessories. But more recently I have also been obsessed with making and sharing my up-cycled bottle cap products, like the drink markers/wine charms.

They are made with recycled bottle caps (only the nicest ones) from your favorite drinks, and are attached to a loop so you can hang them on your glass stems. They are absolutely the coolest thing to have for a social gathering- I mean, you don’t want uncle Time stealing your drink at Easter or Aunt Kate taking your glass at Thanksgiving. These drink markers are cute for just the deco but yes the perfect marker to make sure none takes your drink!
Below is a few varieties I have made.

IMG_9879This set is actually living in my home. My boyfriend picked the caps out. I think my favorite is the “Fresh As Helles”.

IMG_9962This one is not up for sale, although if interested please contact! This is just so cute – perfect for a children’s party or just a Disney fan!

IMG_2584This set is up an for sale at NillBean Accessories. I think this is one of my favorites because of the bright colors!

Which one is your favorite?

What do you want to read more about on my blog?  

I hope you liked this blog and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for following 🙂

  • Shop HERE.
  • Follow the store on instagram: @nillbeanaccessories/Stine

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