My Little Roadtrip

Hi guys!

Thank you for all the love on my last post from Monday! Let me know if you tried the drinks 🙂

Today I thought I’d share with you my little road trip I did two weeks back.
This was the first road trip I had taken and I was honestly kind of nervous because I was going by myself in a country I didn’t really know too well. I wanted it to be a short and cheap trip and so I brought most of my own food etc the trip was two overnights and only lasted three days – so that came out pretty cheap.

I did Massachusetts-Pennsylvania and back. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, being a nervous driver and with up to 7 lanes on a highway at times that’s pretty nerve wrecking by yourself lol!

My first stop was the Hampton’s- which well lets say my first day was pretty foggy 😦 But I had to make the best of it. I stopped by the Montauk Point State park first to see the lighthouse – bummer it was super foggy but that made it kinda spooky and cool. Refer to Spooky lighthouse picture below!

Second stop in the Hampton’s was East Hampton, I wanted to see a little more of the towns so I stopped for a bite and walked around in the town. Unfortunately it was still grey and foggy but my gosh the town was really cute! I mostly looked at the shops from the outside seeing how I’m a broke 23 year old and the shops were all really fancy..So adorable though.

My second stop along the road trip was Coney Island. Being a foreigner I thought it would be fun to stop to see the amusement park, knowing it would not be open but fun to see because we are so used to seeing it in movies etc. It was getting dark when I got there and well it was certainly a place I did not wanna hang around alone at night lol So I kinda just parked the car quick to grab a photo and admire from afar. At this point I had been driving since 6AM so I was ready for my first hotel stay.


The last stop for the first day was Neptune NJ. Thats where I stayed for the night before I traveled down to Seaside Heights NJ. Yes.. I did stop by the “Jersey Shore” and yes it was all because of the TV show lol. Another day of wind, but I got lucky with the sun. The place was so creepily quiet because it’s more of a summer place, but wow what a nice place. The beach was gorgeous and how cool is it with an amusement park on the beach?!
It actually reminded me of the Hampton Beach in NH.

Second stop of the second day is for sure my favorite and I am so glad I stumbled upon this place online before I left because I loved it. Again, it is more of a summer attraction so it was dead silent, but that just gave me more time and alone time to explore the cute town of Cape May. Can we please talk about the cute houses? I want one and I want one now!
IMG_2908IMG_2909I mean these two are only TWO of my favorites.. Also, if anyone is interested in Cape May, a lot of these houses were actually B&B places how cool is that, I mean take advantage of that! I am definitely going back for aB&B experience in one of these houses.
So since I had already visited one other lighthouse this road trip and I did not want to leave Cape May, I decided to stop by the lighthouse in Cape May (also, I do have a thing for lighthouses). In the park there, there was multiple nature trails and hikes – absolutely worth it, it was such nice trails. Nice beach too – but yeah it was too cold obviously.

So to say the least, this was a gorgeous place to visit- so happy I did. I really recommend it, and I am certainly going back myself one day!

Last stop of the second day but also the final stop before homebound. This is where my last hotel visit was, I stayed at the Club Quarters hotel in Philadelphia. It was between the two most important things I wanted to see while there so it was perfect. Now I HATE driving in the city so this drive actually gave me anxiety.. but hey I made it and I am glad I did. So first off while in Philly I went to go see the Liberty Bell- I honestly thought it was still outside but it is in the museum now which yeah it was kind of a bummer because the outside is so nice! But I saw it so I checked that off my to do list! The second thing and the last thing I wanted to check out was the Ben Franklin Parkway and the Rocky Steps. I walked there in the perfect timing because wow I got the sunset and everything looking out over the city! It was gorgeous and just made the day even better! I must say, Philly is a beautiful city.
IMG_2945It was a beautiful way to end my day!
The next day I pretty much drove PA-MA. It was a short trip but by myself it was totally worth it and although it was nerve-wracking at times I had tons of fun and saw a lot of things I wouldn’t. It was a good experience.
Side note: Both hotels cost me 120 each.

Hope you guys like this post!
Let me know in the comments if you are from any of these places or have been any of these places before 🙂



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