June Favorites

IMG_2516Hello everyone, and HAPPY JULY!

Wow, I don’t even know where the time has gone, this summer is going by way too fast..
Today I decided I would share with you my favorite products that I used in June – or well, couldn’t go without in the month of June.

So as you can see from the pictures, I’ve pretty much just gathered my fave beauty and skin products, in the future maybe I will add food/drinks etc if you guys would like.

All right, first up: The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter, now I can honestly say that I buy this every time I see it somewhere because first off, it is a limited edition, second, I LOVE everything blueberry (in case you didn’t know from my past blog posts). So this was a no-brainer, and had to be added to the faves. I just love the body butters from The Body Shop because having very dry skin this butter is AH-mazing on my skin and lasts a whole day.
Staying on the topic of lotions, I picked up the Sparkling Limoncello Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works, with the matching Sparkling Limoncello Hand Soap and I fell in love when I smelled them at the store. The lotion is light on your hands but still does so much good for your skin! I Am not a fan of thick lotions on my hands because I feel like I cannot do anything for about 20 minutes with all the greasy feeling.. So this lotion was literally perfect for me, plus the smell of both the lotion and soap are heavenly. It is literally summer in a bottle. I also added another hand lotion I have been reaching out for when I am out and about, which is the Deep Steep Hand Cream which I got from T.J.Maxx actually. I had never heard about the brand, but I had a sniff at the store and I absolutely had to have it. The hand cream is in the smell honeydew-spearmint and let me tell you – if you did not feel fresh already, than this cream is literally going to do it for you! At this point I am sparing the rests I have because I want it to last because it smells so good. Again, this lotion is not a thick cream – although a bit thicker than the Sparkling Limoncello but yet still  amazing. I definitely recommend it.

For shower products, I have been reaching out for the Yes To Cucumbers facial cleanser. This cleanser is super light, but the smell of cucumbers is heavenly and makes your skin feel so fresh. I was a little skeptical about the cucumber smell when I bought it, but I honestly have to tell you that I am obsessed and if there was a way I could bathe in it I probably would… So if you are on the look out for a new cleanser, definitely try this brand (they have other smells as well).
Next up is my all time fave scrub: Lush’s own Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, now if you have not tried this one yet – you are definitely missing out. I am OBSESSED with Lush and I’m pretty sure I have or have had all of their products but a few. This scrub I only use a few or once a week just so I don’t over scrub, but I can honestly tell you it’s my favorite part of the shower. This scrub makes my skin feel so so so smooth after one scrub, and my skin feels so much lighter! It is literally magical! Please please please do try it if you have not yet.
Next one is a shower gel, I actually got this for christmas last year, but I have just recently started to use it. Now this might be more for the sweeter fans, this is the Pink Sprinkles 3 in 1 Smoothie from ULTA. That means, it can be used as shower gel, bath bubbles and shampoo. I personally only use it as a shower gel, and let me tell you – this not only makes your shower smell like a cupcake/candy store, but also your whole body! This is why I suggest, if you are not a sweet tooth, do not waste your money on this because you might not like it. Me, however, I feel like a cupcake coming out of the shower – maybe even sometimes brings back some childhood flashbacks because of the sweet smell. So if you are into sweet smells, try it out!

On to lips, we have the Forever 21 Macaroon lip balm in the flavor Coconut. I am pretty sure this one is almost empty, because I have used it constantly. It is such light lip balm, but it is so soothing on your lips and OMG, the coconut tastes amazing! I have the whole kit, with all the flavors and I am so excited to try the next one!
The next lip product is from bareMinerals (All time fave beauty brand) and it is the Marvelous Moxie Take Charge Nude Lipstick. Let me tell you straight out: I am Obsessed. It is almost empty and I am kind of freaking out, it looks absolutely amazing on your lips, and its not entirely matte like a lot of other new nude lipsticks, but has a little bit of shimmer and I love it! It is such a great color as well and I use it for work everyday. Honestly, when I apply it, I kind of wanna sit in front of the mirror and just stare at my lips…Oh, and it also lasts a long time which is very ideal for work or when you are out.

Last product of this fave post: Rockateur from benefit. This is a super cute (also nice smelling) blush. Now let me tell you, I am not a huge makeup person but lately for work I have been using a little blush and this is my go to every time! I love how it sits on your cheeks it is very long lasting, and the color fits me great seeing I have such fair skin. Easy to apply, and very nice color that lasts long. I would really recommend this one if you are looking for a new one. Also, the packaging?!? In love! So cute.

That is all I have for this weeks blog post, it is longer than I expected. Hope you like it and that this was not boring to you!
Please let me know in the comments if you have used any of this products and what you think about them.

Thank you all for the love 🙂



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